Guide for Beginner Skaters

Guide for Beginner Skaters

Hey Skater! I wanted to shared few tips for all of you beginner or future skaters. If you’re like me, someone who has skated as a Teen but is newly revisiting the sport as an adult, this blog is targeted to you. But this is also a great resource for anyone who simply wants to learn. 

Ok! let's roll into it!!

Best roller skates for beginners:

Picking your new skates can be overwhelming, here are few things you might want to consider. 

1. Ankle support: if this is important you want to get high Top boots.

2. Budget: If your budget will allow, don’t go cheap on your first pair or you may regret it. However, you don’t have to break the bank buying the most expensive skates out there. You just need a good quality skate & wheels to get started.  You can always upgrade parts or buy new skates down the road.

Fresa's TipCheck out our roller skate collection for beginners, you will find my top picks for beginner rollers skates, If budget is an issue or you’d prefer to pay in interest-free installments, we offer alternative payment options at checkout, like Shop Pay.

3. Accessories and Skate Tools: PowerDyne Y3 skate tool feature three tools in one! this multipurpose skate tool is designed with a 1/2” socket for axle nuts, a 9/16” socket for kingpin locknuts, and finally a 15/16” open wrench for toe stop locknuts. The Y3 is a great tool for most plates, and one of, if not the best tools for roller skate plates that uses a washer and nut system for toe stops (most nylon plates and PowerDyne Thrust plates).

Accessories- Skate Leashes or skate bags are a fun way to carry your skates with style. Don't forget the Toe guards/Toe Caps  these babies will protect and keep your skates clean.

4. What to wear: of course we want to look cute while skating, but why only look cute when the new sexy is wearing protection gear! I highly recommend wearing good protective pads & a helmet. Socks – good socks will help cut down on shoe friction. Leggins, Bike shorts, Joggers, but honestly whatever makes you feel comfortable and cute. Don't forget bags, like gym bag, duffel bag, any bag big enough for your skates and gear. Fanny packs are also a great way to to hold small items, phone, keys and skate tools.

5. Where to skate: If going to a skating rink isn’t an option for you or you’d like to skate outdoors, look around for:

*use these suggestions at your own risk

  • empty parking structures (garages & lots)
  • level parking areas
  • tennis courts/basketball courts
  • public parks
  • bike trails

Fresa's Tip – Try to skate on skate friendly surfaces until you’ve mastered navigating rougher terrain.

6. Other Tips: Always be aware of your surroundings. Try skating with a partner, meet up with a skate crew to meet new people. If you're in Las Vegas check out our monthly rollouts. We host these every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Stay hydrated and remember skating takes practice and lots of patience.