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The Them 80's Skates are an excellent choice for the everyday skater who enjoys aggressive, street, and urban skating. Imagine this: You're having a skate day and the skate spot could be a long walk away, a short drive away, OR a fun skate away! Then when you get there you can just pop on your aggressive frame and get to it without swapping out your skates or even carrying your aggressive skates to the destination.

The frames were designed by Kyle Sola and Jon Julio and they have UFS  mounting. The 4x80mm wheel setup is perfect for urban skating. With 90A hardness the wheels will last longer and give a good amount of agility and speed in your skating. The boot's shell and cuff are made of TPU Impact Resistant Plastic and they have thicker plastic in the areas that need it most. The mold carefully gives the boot a great amount of flex so that when you lace up you can really pull a better fit. The boot has a raised heel which distributes your weight better than flat skates and absorbs shock from impacts as well. The cuff is adjustable so you can ride with it high or lower to avoid any discomfort. Them's V4 liner is very comfortable and they updated them to have a further back sitting heel and a wider tongue.

Model Year 2023
Skate Type Recreational
Skill Level All
Weight TBD


BOOTS Them 909
Construction TPU Impact Resistant Plastic
Cuff High
Liners Them V4 Liner (Removable)
Heat Moldable No
Closures Aluminum Cuff Buckle
Standard Lacing
Mounting UFS

FRAMES Them 80mm Frames
Material TBD
Mounting UFS
Length TBD
Removable Yes
Adjustable No
Stock Wheel Setup 4x80mm
Max Wheel Size 80mm
Axles Steel
Asymmetrical Head

Wheels Them Wheels
Wheel Hardness 90A
Bearings ABEC5 Speed Bearings
Brake N/A
Axle for Brake Removal N/A
Skate Tool Yes