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A collaboration between Brunny Hardcore and Chuffed Skates that you didn’t know you needed (but you definitely do).

ChuffedCore Forged T6 Aluminum trucks have a 2.5 inch (64mm) grinding surface – the optimal size for the average roller skater’s foot. These trucks skate like narrow trucks but are specifically designed for long grinds on coping, rails and ledges. They also provide a stable base for bowls and vert without your wheels clipping in smaller transitions or on flat ground. 

ChuffedCore Trucks come straight from the brains of the Chuffed x Brunny collaborators who have poured their collective decades of skate experience into making the ultimate roller skate truck. 

While many skate trucks are die-cast or gravity cast, ChuffedCore trucks are forged to provide premium durability and performance. Forged trucks are the strongest of the strong! Not even Hercules could bend these bad boys. They are manufactured to align the grain of the metal and are shaped under extreme pressure ensuring no imperfections for a heavy-duty final product. 

ChuffedCore trucks have been designed to fit perfectly on Chuffed Skates with Brunny Hardcore blocks. On this setup they will provide complete kingpin clearance for supreme grinds. They will also fit many unmodified 10- and 15-degree plates with no modifications required. 


  • Forged T6 Aluminum hangar
  • 2.5 inch (64mm) grinding surface 
  • 110g per truck. 


  • Chuffed Skates standard plate
  • Suregrip Avanti
  • Suregrip Probe
  • Sunlite
  • Marvel

Modifications required for fit on:

  • Crazy Venus. 
  • Powerdyne Triton. 
  • Crazy Apollo. 
  • Neo Reactor pro. 
  • Luigino Pilot F-16 Falcon.