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This Romper is a fresh retro piece to add to your summer (and work-from-home) wardrobe.

We're obsessed with these 1950s and 60s inspired vintage romper. It combines the couple of our favorite vintage finds, it's made of 100% terry cloth fabric so it will breathe (unlike that sweaty vintage polyester terry cloth) and dry you off after a spontaneous dip.

The bottoms fit like shorts that you know and love and even have elastic in the waist to accommodate buns of all sizes.

The white contrasting trim and button-down front matches the details of the Cabana Set and completes that mid-century look. 

❤100% cotton terry cloth * 📏

❤Fits short * 💎

❤Button-down front and white contrasting trim * ✨

❤1950-60s inspired cut The Look